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In Black Dog Development we design smart financial structures.

We build connections. We construct solid partnerships.

We manage growth. We deliver excellence.
We foster opportunities. We develop the future.

Located in the Town of Oakville, within the Greater Toronto Area, Black Dog Development is a fully integrated real estate company specializing in unique high-end commercial and industrial developments in Canada. Our experience extends to all phases of the development cycle: funding, acquisitions, design, planning, management, construction and sales.

Successful completion of prestigious developments, office buildings, industrial distribution and manufacturing facilities, retail centres and specialty use buildings has established the company as a leader in the building sector with its builder partner Penalta Group Ltd. Partner of Canada’s Blue Chip companies, Penalta has been in business over 20 years as a construction solution, recognized for always delivering on its promise.

Founded in 2016, based on the proven expertise of our partners, the mission of Black Dog is to develop with excellence, and deliver innovative and equitable projects on time, by building strong partnerships and solid relationships with our partners and shareholders.

Black Dog is on its way to being recognised leader and developer of quality product. It has a wealth of industry and construction expertise with a team of experienced, talented professionals to manage the process and successful delivery of its projects. Our projects cycles are usually within the three-year timeframe. Our developments consist of buying the right land, and finding the best use to existing buildings that it can reposition to add value and increase the ROI of itself, and investors.

Contact Us:


Black Dog Development
504 Iroquois Shore Road
Oakville, ON, L6H 3K4
905 901 4970


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