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Developer finishes

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Exterior:    Aluminum curtain wall glazing system with 8’ high entrance doors. 
Glazing:    Clear or grey tint, thermally broken tempered glazing unit.
Hardware:    Power operated entry door complete with push buttons on the ground floor, where required by code.


Individually zoned sprinkler system complete with upright heads as per NFPA requirements.

Orientation/layout of sprinkler lines are to suit an open shell building.


Perimeter Walls:    Exterior perimeter walls are to be taped and sanded for tenant finishing.
Floor:    Exposed concrete slab ready to receive tenant finish.
Ceiling:    Exposed to the underside of metal deck and exposed structure. Finished ceiling to be provided by tenant.


Provision of a 2” conduit from the main electrical room to each unit and capped at ceiling level.


Provision of 1 conduit from building units to the main electrical room.


4” Sanitary service roughed into each unit suitable for gravity drainage of plumbing fixtures from the vicinity. There shall be a 3” diameter plumbing vent going through the roof for future plumbing connection by owner.

All required rough-ins, water lines, fixturing, and finishing shall be by tenant.


The developer will provide a 1” domestic water service line stubbed into each unit complete with a sub-meter and shutoff valve .


Supply of 1 individually controlled natural gas roof top unit for heating and cooling complete with gas piping. RTUs to be equipped with a sheet metal supply and return air duct stubbed into each unit and terminated approximately 12” below the metal deck. 
One capped 6” diameter duct for washroom exhaust will be provided in each unit.
One thermostat with coiled control wiring will be left in each unit for final installation by the tenant.

Physical Distancing

  • Self contained suites with minimal common areas 

  • Private entrances for control of access and operating hours

  • In-suite bathrooms with potential for touchless fixtures

Janitorial Services

  • Complete in-suite control in establishing protocols to ensure a healthy, safe space

Mechanical & Building Systems

  • Individually controlled HVAC systems to allow for management of access to fresh air

  • Capacity for MERV-13 or higher air filtration

  • Ability to adjust outdoor air dampers to minimize recirculation

  • Potential for dehumidification systems – “dryer air is safer air”

Building Operations

  • Direct door-to-door delivery for package deliveries vs common shipping point with mingling employees

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